My name is Jaclyn Hudson, but you can call me Jack. I’m a Designer at Shopify in Toronto. I make designs and websites. My work has been recognized by The Advertising & Design Club of Canada, Applied Arts, Communication Arts, The UVU Awards, The Marketing Awards, and The Brand Impact Awards.




Applied Arts—Entire Design Program: Summerhill Market

Applied Arts—Entire Packaging Design Program: Summerhill Market

Applied Arts—Typography Miscellaneous: Ciudad Posters

ADCC Merit—Public Service Design: ACT/TRACK

ADCC Merit—Complete Corporate Identity Program: Summerhill Market

ADCC Merit—Package Design: Summerhill Market

ADCC Merit—Complete Corporate Identity Program: superkül

Marketing Awards Silver—Logo/Corporate Identity: Nota Bene

Marketing Awards Silver—Logo/Corporate Identity: Superkül

Marketing Awards Silver—Logo/Corporate Identity: Summerhill Market


Communication Arts—Nota Bene

Applied Arts—Complete Design Program: Nota Bene

Applied Arts—Menu Series: Nota Bene

Applied Arts—Complete Calendar Illustration: CIBC Calendar

Applied Arts—Premiums, Gift Items, Promotional Apparel: Charcoal Scarf

Brand Impact Awards—Highly Commended: Nota Bene

ADCC Silver—Complete Corporate Identity Program: Nota Bene

ADCC Merit—Posters: Ciudad

UVU Awards—Nota Bene


Communication Arts—Full Deck of Cards Poster

ADCC Silver—Posters, Single or Campaign: Full Deck of Cards Poster

ADCC Merit—Complete Corporate Identity Program: Toronto Bridge Design System

ADCC Merit—Graphic Design Illustration: Full Deck of Cards Poster

Applied Arts—Complete Design Program: Toronto Bridge Design System

Applied Arts—Pro Bono Design: Toronto Bridge Design System

Applied Arts—Pro Bono Design: Full Deck of Cards Poster

Applied Arts—Design Promotion Miscellaneous: Full Deck of Cards Poster