Nota Bene

Branding, Web Design

Nota Bene

Nota Bene — branding & web design

One of Canada’s top chefs was re-launching his restaurant, from the space to the menus. A new identity was needed to tell his story. Inspired by the interior design of +tongtong and Chef Lee’s philosophy of cooking, the identity reflects the essence of what good food is about and the elements that come together to create a memorable dish. Imagery has a raw sensuality and sense of craft that mirrors Chef’s deep love of food. This project won in the Applied Arts Design Awards, Communication Arts Awards, UVU Awards, was highly commended in the Brand Impact Awards, won a silver at the Marketing Awards, and won a silver at the ADCC Awards.

Studio — Blok Design
Creative Directors : Vanessa Eckstein, Marta Cutler
 Designers : Jaclyn Hudson, Vanessa Eckstein